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What to give, make and do for mom ...

Lotus Wooden Hangers from The Container Store


... from an organizing mom's point-of-view

•A matching set of beautiful hangers will make any closet look amazing. It's rarely something we think to buy but it will be appreciated everyday. ALSO, add a gift certificate of your time to put them into her closet.

Portable Scanner - save kids artwork, magazine articles, household bills & get rid of the paper monster

meori Foldable Grocery Tote

•Set of Pretty Foldable Grocery Totes Upscale the everyday tasks. They're good for the environment, hold more than the regular plastic bags and they look good. Not all gifts need to be flashy to be appreciated. Tip: Fill one with her favorite foods and a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. She'll love it.

Mug just for mom Pick a fun color to make it stand out and don't steal it - or even borrow. It's another gift that she'll get to enjoy everyday. This mug will keep drinks hot for hours and the bright color makes it easy to find. Tip: Start her day with a special cup of tea or coffee in her new gift.



Hand Made Card. Mom's love these from big kids too. Tip: Have dad break out the craft box and sit with the kids while they make extra special, over-the-top cards for mom. Add a special memory from that year.

Food & more. What was her favorite breakfast or dinner when she was your age - make it. Ask her stories about that time in her life: what was her favorite class, who was her best friend, where was her favorite vacation - spend time together over the meal and talk.

Create a family cookbook with favorites both old and new.. Make it a mix of history, family & food. This can be a great group project.

  • Make a list of recipes - separate by categories

  • Collect photos - add a picture of your birthday party next to the cake recipe, a thanksgiving group shot next to grandads secret stuffing

  • Mix in short stories, quotes, jokes.

Make it simple and fun. This can be homemade or check out the options at Shutterfly

*Custom family puzzle. Choose a family photo, pictures of pets, an old photo of her parents. This will be a fun way to spend time home with the family.



Ask her! On the inside of her Mother's Day Card - draw a 'To Do' list with 3 empty lines - give it to her at breakfast & have her fill them in - most important - DO THE LIST that day!

Take the kids out of the house - give her a few hours of quiet time. Tip: Give each child $5-10 and have them pick out a small gift. Give them a few ideas (pretty pen, candle, journal, nail polish) but have them pick. Buy some blank gift bags, stop for a treat and have the kids decorate the bags.

Wash her car (inside and out). She'll see it every day and smile. Tip: Car cup holder discs make a nice present.



Make a plan for your day. How does it look and feel: surrounded by family or time alone pampering yourself, a hike outside or a quiet corner with a book -you decide and let your family know.

Treat Yourself. Sleep in, put on your good perfume, light a candle, use your favorite coffee mug, spend hours at a book store, play mini golf with the family - put yourself first.

Share gift ideas. Go to your favorite shopping website and send a link to the items you love or make an Amazon Wish List - if you really want something - buy it for yourself!

"A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." Eleanor Roosevelt

*Check out this National Geographic article on the origins of Mother's Day.*

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase these products I will receive a small payment-at no additional cost to you. This helps keep my blog running. Thank you.

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