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The process is designed for optimal efficiency and success. We define clear objectives for the given time and space. Keeping the projects focused and manageable ensures our success.


  1. Introduction of services call / email - set up project review. 

  2. Project Review:  20 minutes consisting of 2-3 emails with photos, review of goals, develop action plan, phone follow-up, time estimate for project provided.

  3. Day of Service:  goal review, remove & sort items, organize categories, decorate space, review goals again (a timer will be set for 30 minutes prior to end of agreed session - project process will be reviewed)

  4. Email follow up review:  additional to-do list for space (donations, giving items to friends / family, selling items), potential future projects and maintenance tasks. 

**Organizer will move items within reason, up to 40 pounds

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan."  Eleanor Roosevelt

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